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About Gary

Gary has been a student and a devotee of photography most of his life. The focus of his photography is compassionate documentation of people and events. He enjoys working on location and tackling new assignments near his home base of Denver, Colorado.

Two of his favorite subjects to photograph are weddings and portraiture. Gary photographs weddings in a documentary style. His natural and candid images record the intimate moments, emotion and laughter of that special day. His fun and upbeat portraits of people are taken either on location or in the studio. Other sports subjects he photographs with stop action crispness are rodeo and cycle racing.

His ongoing personal projects focus on the homeless and people with disabilities. This work strives to use the power of photography to affirm and recognize those in need and record social issues of our day. Gary’s photographic hero is W. Eugene Smith. His admires Smith’s use of photography as a powerful tool to record and communicate events directly, honestly, clearly and with compassion. Gary is looking forward to upcoming opportunites to work with Non-Profits in the Denver region.

The camera, for me, is a bridge to connect with people in unique, and often times

profound ways. I strive to demonstrate respect towards my subjects, and in return

they are afforded opportunities to be acknowledged and affirmed. - Gary Rhodes

Gary shoots w/Nikon DSLR's, post-production with Adobe products on Macs,

and prints custom ink-jets on Epson 3800.